Please complete this form in its entirety and submit no later than March 1, 2018. Click Download to get PDF application. Applications received prior to March 1 will be reviewed and considered for programming that same year. Grant applications received between March and September will reviewed and considered for programming the following year.

Any golf professional, golf course, company, or youth organization is encouraged to complete and submit the following application. Through the Sticks for Kids program, the GCBAA Foundation can provide grant recipients with:

  •  Junior Golf Clubs – Up to ten (10) sets of USKids junior golf clubs and bags
  •  Materials – Sticks for Kids teaching and marketing materials

The future of golf in the United States is dependent upon the next generation. Young boys and girls can become lifelong golfers if given the opportunity to learn the game as well as the values that are generated from the sport. The Golf Course Builders Association of America(GCBAA) established the GCBAA Foundation to provide the tools and opportunities necessary to cultivate the next generation of junior golfers and promote the growth and integrity of the game.

Since its establishment, the GCBAA Foundation has taken a special interest in supporting underprivileged children by launching the Sticks for Kids Program, a junior golf outreach program for youth ages 5 -18. The program provides participating locations with clubs, bags, teaching materials, marketing materials, and instructors. Children are taught the fundamentals of the game as well as life lessons such as etiquette, integrity, sportsmanship, safety, honesty, and respect for themselves and others.

Sticks for Kids has impacted over 500 programs in all 50 states and 18 international military bases, ultimately reaching more than 225,000 youth participants.

In order to maximize the potential impact of Sticks for Kids, the GCBAA Foundation decided to expand eligibility. The GCBAA Foundation will now consider granting support to any program that may help achieve the overriding vision to grow participation in the game.

Providing exposure and introducing the game to youth across the United States is very important (especially to those without the means to learn or play); however, the primary Sticks for Kids objectives are to:

  •  Create more junior golfers who play the game, and
  •  Generate more rounds played by juniors and their families

To maximize impact, the GCBAA Foundation is very interested in supporting existing programs (especially nationally branded initiatives), and identifying opportunities for single-grant recipients to use Sticks for Kids support at multiple facilities.

The GCBAA Foundation will consider any qualified opportunity. Recipients will be selected based on how the Sticks for Kids resources will be used to achieve objectives and the potential for the program to make the biggest impact.


Support Qty/Amount
Sticks for Kids Clubs
Sticks for Kids Materials



  • On-Couse/Range
    • Just one golf course/range
    • Multiple golf courses/ranges
  • Off-Course (parks, BGCA Clubs, etc.)
  • Both On-Course and Off-Course

Objectives Primary Program Other Programs
Total number of juniors (includes those with their own clubs)
Number of unique juniors that will use Sticks for Kids clubs (count each junior just once)
Average number of times these juniors will use Sticks for Kids clubs in these programs

Measuring results remains very important. Use this chart to estimate the participation numbers you hope to generate in your primary and other programs where Sticks for Kids will be used. The Status Reporting and Annual Survey will ask you to provide actual results for each of these performance elements as well.

Note, while not part of the objectives, it will also be important to track:

  •  of juniors using the Sticks for Kids clubs for open play
  •  of junior rounds generated in open play due to access to Sticks for Kids clubs
  •  of adult rounds generated, due to playing with juniors using Sticks for Kids clubs



If awarded a Sticks for Kids Grant, you will be obligated to these basic Terms & Criteria:

  1. Provide complimentary use of the Sticks for Kids clubs to any junior interested in participating (i.e. you agree to never charge for use of the Sticks for Kids clubs).
  2. Retain ownership and provide reasonable care of the Sticks for Kids clubs.
  3. Use financial awards to exclusively support the program(s) described in this application.
  4. Provide appropriate recognition of the GCBAA Foundation and Sticks for Kids grant in all marketing and public relations materials (e.g. use logos on materials/website, mention in speeches, include in press releases, promote access for families to use these clubs, etc.)
  5. Submit a Status Report 12 months after receipt of the Sticks for Kids grant, and complete an annual survey. Status Report must include your actual participation figures, plus any other items to help tell your program’s unique story:
    • Program participation numbers (in line with objectives)
    • Rounds generated numbers (in line with objectives)
    • Photos and/or videos
    • Media clips
    • Examples of promotion / Sticks for Kids clubs recognition
    • Testimonials / success stories
Sticks for Kids Grant Application Confirmation of Agreement
I have completed this Sticks for Kids Grant application honestly and to the best of my ability. I have read and understand the Terms & Criteria. If awarded a Sticks for Kids Grant, I agree to abide by Terms & Criteria. If I fail to abide by the Terms & Criteria for any reason, I agree to return the Sticks for Kids Grant support to the GCBAA Foundation.